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MSB’s one-off payment solution addresses low cost issues that delay the discharge of people who are healthy enough to leave hospital but lack an aspect of the initial support needed for recovery.

Hospital discharge teams can make the necessary low value purchases, optimising use of bedspace and improving patient outcomes.

How does it work?

What can it provide?

Under NHSE guidelines one-off payments can be considered where

  1. Payment for a good or service would enable early and safe discharge.
  2. The good or service cannot be provided via existing commissioned services or cannot be provided in a timely manner.
  3. The good or service cannot be provided through unpaid care or the voluntary sector or cannot be provided by them without this additional support.

The initial pilot project delivered a saving of 198 bed days, equivalent to £158K at a cost of £2.4K and continues to facilitate rapid, safe discharges efficiently at low cost.


Jamie is a homeless man who came to hospital for an operation requiring several essential follow-on appointments on discharge. He had no mobile phone and a history of missing appointments. The discharge team member bought him a mobile phone and 6 months’ of calls/texts for £80. Jamie was discharged the same day and attended every appointment until his treatment was complete.

Lucy had a stroke at home. She was able to summon assistance via an alarm watch she wears, but the door was forced by the first responders to gain access and then boarded up. When Lucy was ready to leave hospital the discharge team member arranged a visit from a locksmith at a cost of £160 and was Lucy was able to go home that day.

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