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With a deep understanding of how difficult it is to finance and organise support and care, our team at MySupportBroker is here to make Personal Health Budget service management simpler for yourself or your loved one. No matter how complex or unique your needs, our team of specialists can assist you to recruit and manage your staff, plan and pay for your care.

Who We Are

MySupportBroker (MSB) is a team of Personal Health Budget specialists formed to make care at home more simple and effective — from financial management to hiring staff. Each of our members is uniquely skilled in both financial matters and care management and is trained at our own MySupportCollege (OCN No. 58977), allowing/qualifying us to meet your specific needs and to solve any problems you may have with your care.

Our Services

Each individual has unique, specific needs when it comes to In-Home care and Support. For this reason, we provide a wide variety of services, personalised for each customer. These include:

  • Helping you create a costed support plan around your needs
  • Assistance in recruiting, paying, training and managing your staff
  • Management of care funds, with or on your behalf through our secure a secure online account and card.

MSB Helpdesk

Our helpdesk provides answers to all of your queries about the day-to-day running of your Personal Health Budget and care arrangements. The MSB Helpdesk is open from Monday-Friday 9-5 and has an emergency Out of Hours Advice line.


MSB Online Account

Designed to simplify the financial aspect of home care, the MSB online account and card is FCA regulated to enable online/card payments, either made by yourself or by our team on your behalf.

Customer Support Packages

Charged Monthly.

  1. Helpdesk support and emergency advice line.
  2. Guidance on how to make best use of your Personal Health Budget in line with NHS requirements.
  3. Payroll Services, including timesheet processing and HMRC returns.
  4. Making payments on your behalf from your Personal Health Budget.
  5. Arrange and set-up of required specialist carer and employer insurance.
  6. Full Employment Support Service from search to recruitment to performance management.

To learn more about how we can support you or your loved one or to arrange a
no-obligation call-back, contact MySupportBroker on
0800 994 9944 or [email protected]

The MySupport prepaid Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Ltd pursuant to a licence from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Ltd is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, as an electronic money in stitution, registration number 900036. Reg office: 5th floor Langham House, 12 Little Portland St, London W1W 8BJ Co reg: 06337638

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